Thursday, 18 March 2010


I keep telling you that we're on a roll with regards to re-homing cats, even though that does sound like tempting fate, but we really are. The brother and sister pair in the previous post (photo immediately below) were barely with carol for 24 hours before they were re-homed. They gone to two women, who've been together as partners long enough to have had a cat which recently died aged 16, and who live a nice area. Carol tells me that they are lovely people.

I rang Jamie, their previous owner, to tell her the news and reassure her that they had indeed found a lovely home together. Apparently her boyfriend was going to ring to ask to be kept in touch about them. Needless to say, Jamie was very happy and relieved with my call.

I love a happy ending and, one of these days (hopefully soon), I'll get my finger out and tell you the story of Aslan and his new home with Tara and print some of the many photos she's sent me.

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