Monday, 8 March 2010


So, other than a quick trip up to drop cat litter off for Lilian, I had no other animal-related jobs to do, until the phone rang...

A lady who'd been fostering a dog for us needed dog food. Neither Andrea nor Susan whom she'd spoken to had got around to doing anything, so would I..? No problem. They asked if I could get there around one-ish

About an hour later, around eleven-ish and Susan had gone out, I was pottering on the computer when Carol rang to see if I could pick up a cat.

Okay, no time to waste. I had to go over to Hylton Road about a couple of miles away to pick up a stray cat a guy's mother had been feeding until she died yesterday and his cats were frightened of it. Carol and I think it probably was his mother's but no matter. Found the house easily, put the cat in the carrier with a little effort but no blood, and took it to Carol's. Here it is.
Then it was back to Grangetown to pick up more dog food in addition to the stuff Susan and I had got from our garage. Fully loaded I headed to Silksworth to drop of the cat litter and another litter tray for Lilian. Baby has settled in well and seems very content. Here she is.

That done I headed off for Hetton on the far west side of Sunderland which, if you don't know the place, is very large in area, bigger than neighbouring big city Newcastle upon Tyne. I had a map printed out from Google with the location on it and I parked roughly where  I thought the house should be. Problem: I'd forgotten the scrap of paper with the actual address and phone number on it. I rang Susan: no answer. I rang Andrea's mobile: no answer. I rang the shop: engaged. I tried all three again. And again. Finally got Andrea who phoned the house but didn't get an answer. I took the number and tried myself. Got an answer. I tried to describe where I was but the response I got (the map I'd printed out being on too small a scale to have street names) was ambiguous. Then I was told that her street actually had a different name for each side of it so you could have two No.15's facing each other. This is strange and perhaps something very rare that no-one except those who live there  and the postman are aware of.

I moved forward, reversed, started back the way I came and hadn't gone more than a few yards when I noticed that on my left was number 16 and on my right was number 16. Yes, indeedy, I had orginally parked about 10 feet from where I was supposed to be.

The dog, some kind of lurcher cross, moves like lightning and is incredibly friendly. Here she is.

I suppose that's part of the fun of doing all this, the unpredictability and meeting all kinds of animals which, like the dog above, can be a delight. Some of the people can be nice too.

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