Wednesday, 24 March 2010


And the cats keep getting re-homed. A week ago a young gay couple took a surly young black cat and then returned for my favourite, Gobbolino (above), despite getting scratched by the black cat which has taken up residence on the windowsill above the washing up basin and regularly swipes at them with her claws. Two alpha-females in the same house should make for fun.

I took a young tom for neutering yesterday and he was picked up from the vets by his new owner.

The feral kitten which Lynn has domesticated was re-homed last week and has settled down well.

A scrawny and friendly 6-month old grey which was found roaming the streets at Dawdon near Seaham is getting a new home this afternoon.

And then there's-

-Lucky whom I took to Roker Park Vets this morning for firstly checking for FIV (feline AIDs), neutering, and then his teeth seen to. Sadly, Lucky was not well-named as he fell at the first hurdle. He did have FIV and was put to sleep.

Mind you, the first I heard of this was around 2.15 this afternoon when I rang Roker Park to see when I had to pick him up. What followed was a misunderstanding that lead me initially to believe that Susan had authorised this -she hadn't. To cut a long story short, the vet had rang Carol and, as Lucky was an older cat which had had a rough time recently until rescued by us and several other problems, she went along with his recommendation. He was only going to get worse and no-one wanted to take the risk of him infecting other cats.

The reason I only found out about this later was because after dropping the van off, I had to rush into town to see the dental hygienist at 9.30 and typically didn't get seen to until 10.00 followed by a quick march to a cafe in The Bridges Shopping Centre to meet my ex-library friends Denise and Sylvia (as I do every Wednesday morning) and, latterly, Phil the recently retired Local Studies librarian, for coffee. It was nearly 12 when I got back home and, during a very brief encounter with a rushed Susan, she completely forgot to tell me about Lucky. Communication is not always our strong point.

Tomorrow morning I'm dropping off Kaiser at the vets for 8.30.

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