Thursday, 18 March 2010


Supposed to be a quiet day.

Just after 11 in the morning I got a call from a young woman who was allergic to one of her cats which shed a lot of fur but she didn't want to separate him from his sister -both neutered, both friendly, both good with kids. She'd called the shop a couple of weeks ago but got a very snotty answer which upset her so she'd tried putting them on the net but no answers and finally rang me out of desperation. After 38 years of working with public I have developed, he wrote modestly, good people skills and quickly reassured her. I called Carol immediately, she could take them, and rang the girl back to say I'd be round shortly. The cats were as advertised and here they are at Carol's.
Mid afternoon I went with Carol to pick up a dog from Ferryfarm Kennels where we board most of our rescued dogs to pick up a -gasp- dog to take to Vets4Pets. This one had been re-homed with someone and twice it had been found wandering the streets and returned to us. There won't be a third time for this guy. He's a nice friendly middle-aged collie cross and here he is.
Back at Ferryfarm I had the opportunity to meet and photograph two lots of lurcher-cross puppies. Two were crossed with a saluki -we had the mother there, and the rest I've no idea as the mother is a lurcher and here they are. The lurcher mother first and then some puppies.
After dropping Andrea off at home I had to go round to Mark's house -he of the one-eyed cat (see recent posts)- to feed said one-eyed cat, Charlie, and change his litter. Mark had just gone into hospital that same day -the Freeman in Newcastle- for a triple bypass, so I'll be doing this for a while.

I would have been taking Kaiser the rottweiler back to the vets this morning (Thursday 18th March) but it clashes with a doctor's appointment. Pity because I'd like to see the dog again but I'm sure there'll be other times. Prior to typing this, I'd been swimming as usual and then up to see to Charlie who is an amiable placid cat. Must take a photo of him for the blog.

Tomorrow morning it's two cats to the vets for checkups (see recent post for last Friday). But today, after my trip to the doctor's and as Susan is at work and hasn't given me any jobs to do, my time is my own for once.

Damn, just remembered. Got to clean the cooker, one of my least favourite jobs.

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