Tuesday, 9 March 2010


So we had to clear out and tidy up the garage because our niece Sarah is going up to Edinbugh to take up a shiny new post with a finance company with megasquillion euro turnover and susan's offered to store her car until she needs it in our garage which is full of charity shop stuff, bedding for Carol, stuff for the auction rooms, cat and dog food and much more. And that was all one sentence.

So we did that. Then I took a pile of stuff to the shop, some to sell, some to store (Carol's cat bedding), and picked up several large black sacks of rubbish to go to the tip along with stuff for the tip from the garage.


Then I had to go to Tracy's at Burnhope (see recent post) to collect a cat I'd taken her last week which was pining and wanted to go back to its tiny flat on the 12th floor of a Sunderland tower block. Fair enough. Also a couple of neutering vouchers for two toms. However, I clearly wasn't listening to all the information from Carol as when I got there, Tracy was keeping the cat which had finally come out of its box and had started socialising with the other cats and I was supposed to phone her before I left.

It wasn't a complete waste of time as the vouchers were supposed to be for females so I changed them. Also she had some new cats in which were lovely and I wanted to take home, particularly two young female tabbies which the vouchers were for. Annoyingly I'd forgotten my camera. Tracy also gave me some useful advice on subject that is still not for publication.

Got a Big Mac on the way home and napped for two hours.

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