Thursday, 3 April 2014


No, this isn't the mystery cat. This is Roly who's just arrived at our re-homing centre today. He's a brave, bold and friendly two year old.

Is this the mystery cat then?

No, this is Charlie, Roly's timid sister. But don't worry, give it a couple of days and she'll be fine.

So it must be this one.
Wrong again. This is the very mis-named Hero who was returned recently because he hates kids. I do sympathise there but even I wouldn't go for them with sharp claws.

All right, who is this ugly bruiser?

This is the mystery cat.

Want to see him again?

So, clever clogs, what is the secret of the mystery cat?

I'll tell you tomorrow, or, if it's after tomorrow, in the next post to this one.

Something to think about: Where is he and why is he where he is and will he be somewhere else tomorrow?

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