Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The student couple I got them all from popped in a couple of days ago to see how they were and were well pleased. They also liked my other cats who turned up to inspect them -the students, not the kittens. Even though I eventually chucked them out (it's me, not them) they are welcome back any time to see their progress. They're also missing Jeff.

The kittens themselves, as you'll see in a moment, all have their eyes wide open and in a short while will begin to explore their environment which is when they'll start to get interesting and really delightful. And destructive. And begin to use their tiny claws to climb up my legs. And the bloodshed (mine) will begin again as it did last year with a different mother and a different litter. And the pain.

There are two different tabby kittens there but they both look the same to me.

As for Dusty the Demon Kitten-cat, he's become what can only be described as a little sweetheart. He loves being stroked, curling up on the bed, is okay with the other cats apart from when he's attacking Aelfric and likes curling up to me on the settee. Or maybe he just likes curling up on the settee whether I'm there or not.

Other news. 

There isn't any. Easter's been very very quiet. The phone has hardly rung and hardly anyone has been emailing me. Just me and my cats just reading, watching TV and DVDs. That's me, not the cats and I think I've stretched out that gag for way too long.

Sniff? Sniff sniff! What's that smell? It's fresh cat poo. I'm outta here.

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