Tuesday, 8 April 2014


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Burnside is proving harder work than I expected. After being an outdoor/stray cat for the last three years, he's finding it hard to be stuck in a small room even when it does consist mostly of windows with a view to the garden. I tried letting him in the house only to have chased and attacked the first time by Aelfric

I've also been bitten by him a few times while stroking him. Not in any vicious way, more like a warning that he'd had enough. He also howls quite a lot. He'll be in the conservatory and he'll just open his mouth and go at it for a couple of minutes. 

Right now he's got the run of the house and the conservatory door is open if he wants to go back in where he feels safe. After the first couple of times, Aelfric had stopped attacking him though he does follow him wherever he goes whether to keep an eye on him or in an attempt to be friends, I don't know. Emma the kitten just wants to be friends of course and will run up to touch noses. Aoife, who doesn't like other cats, reacted exactly as I expected when Burnside jumped up on the window next to her.

Here's some photos I took a few minutes ago.

Right now he seems to be exploring the house, looking for places where he feels comfortable, so, unless he decides he wants to be back in the conservatory, I'll leave him alone and only put him back there at bedtime.

Cats are very adaptable so I'm sure he'll settle down given time and once he starts to feel secure in his changed circumstances. One thing I am certain of though and that is it isn't going to happen over night. Then again, with cats, who knows?

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