Friday, 11 April 2014


Just over an hour ago I got a call that a stray cat had gone into someone's house and had four kittens on the bed. Could I help? Yes, I could.

Basement student flat about a mile away. This young cat (six months they -the three students- thought when she first appeared) had been visiting regularly. Today she had kittens. So I brought them all home and put them in the conservatory, leaving them in there with the cat carrier door open and the carrier itself covered with a blanket to help the young mother feel secure. Food and water is next to the carrier

I've taken some photos but they aren't very good so you can't really tell that there are three black and whites and one ginger with the mother being a mixture.

You can count on reading any developments very soon.

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Joe Spooner said...

Hi, this is Joe from the house she gave birth in (it was my bed she decided to choose as her birthing destination haha!)
Thanks again for taking her, can see clearly she will be in good hands and well looked after here. I'll keep checking the blog to see the progress of the kittens.
Thanks again :D