Friday, 18 April 2014


Not much to say really. They are now seven days and a few hours old. The kittens are doing well having at least doubled in size. Jeff continues to be a devoted mother, though she's very keen to get out of the conservatory and meet the other cats, which isn't going to happen for at least another week, if even then.
And so, without further ado, the photos.

Just noticed, a couple of them are starting to open their eyes. A landmark! Anyone want to start suggesting names?

Meanwhile, what's been happening to Dusty the Demon Kitten-cat?

L-R: Dusty, Aelfric, Emma.

Almost disappointingly, almost, Dusty has calmed down quite a bit, albeit not completely. He's decided he likes the settee in my living room and last night snuggled up to me while I was watching TV. I can now stroke him without getting assaulted though I still have to be careful. He likes to play with (i.e. terrorise) some of the other cats like Aelfric, Tilly, and Emma. But overall he shows all the signs of turning into a moderately nice young cat. Who knows, in a few days I may even deem him suitable for adoption. We'll see.

On the re-homing side:  Yesterday, a week after first viewing them, a family came to collect the beautiful and friendly 9-month old tabby brothers Bertie and Morris. Today, Roger, long-reserved, was finally claimed by the young woman who'd reserved him. Tomorrow I have high hopes that Hero will be adopted for the second time, this time to a home without a kid in sight. Fingers crossed; I never believe they've been re-homed until I see them being driven away. If he goes that will make six this month, quiet after March but April has nearly a couple of weeks before it's over.

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If the ginger one is a female call it Amber