Saturday, 12 April 2014


The students called the young cat Jeff, despite her being female and she responds to that name. Fair enough, Jeff she is. Though I suppose I could call her Jeffica.

A couple of hours ago, Jeff, having spent all her time in the cat carrier until then, came out and let me stroke her.

So, I can make a few statements about her. She's friendly, probably more so when she's not protecting her new-born kittens. She's got a good appetite. Despite being young and it being her first litter, she's a very good and very attentive mother. You'll see that from the photos.

The kittens, all now over 24 hours old, seem to be doing okay. None are noticeably smaller than others and they appear to be feeding well. I've enough experience of young kittens, however, not to assume that they'll all survive or thrive. Even apparently healthy kittens can suddenly go downhill very quickly so I'll be monitoring them as carefully as I can without upsetting Jeff who is still getting to know me. In about three to four weeks time I'll start getting very hands on to socialise them. Two are tabby and white, one black and white, and one ginger.

I'll probably do an update about once a week or so with lots of photos so you can see how they're growing.

Meanwhile, unknown to these mostly slumbering cats, strange minds from a long way away were planning to usurp their home and steal it from them. All it would take is time. Time to think, to plan ... and to grow!

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