Saturday, 29 March 2014


Stop that right now!

You're jumping to conclusions and you know what they say about jumping to conclusions: it makes you go bl... Maybe that was something else. Anyway, before the wrong conclusions get embedded in your brain, I should perhaps explain.

I also go swimming five times a week at the local sports centre where I do around twenty lengths or forty minutes and then go and have a shower. Got that? Are we clear? I am not a smelly old man. Right. Now I can get on with the point of this post.

If you read the Introduction to the Animal Krackers: Cats Needing Homes list, you'll note that, although I give my home and mobile numbers, I also state that I prefer to be contacted by email. This is why.

I'm a morning person. I like to get up and about and doing things.  Weekdays it's swimming, often followed by some shopping either for myself or cats or both. An early trip to the vets isn't unusual. This means I do a lot of driving so I won't answer my mobile. Neither can you leave a message on either it or my landline, though texting is an option with the former.

None of this is set in stone, however, as something unexpected often comes up. If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll have a good idea of what takes up my time.

For at least part of the afternoon, I like to have a nap.  Yes, it's the aging process, though I've been napping at lunchtime since I was 48 much to the amusement of library staff. The time and length of afternoon naps varies depending on what I've been doing. either way, I don't answer the phone even if it wakes me up. I ignore it and go back to sleep.

I can be in and out of the house several times during the day and always take some time to check my email and reply if it seems opportune which is why I prefer to be contacted this way. Your're more likely to get in touch with me quickly via email.

Saturday morning, however, I don't usually rush out anywhere and often have a lie in. After cereal and coffee I check my email, scan news websites, stuff like that (which I do every morning) and then have a bath. Not just a scrub/wash hair bath but a long relaxing soak with a book, usually between about eight and nine. And always... Always.. The sodding phone rings. I ignore it of course but it's still annoying especially as it's often Susan, who isn't normally awake at this time, or Carole. It was Susan this morning wanting me to drive the van when I had a round trip planned of Sainsburys-Carole-vets- Ferry Farm-home. 

So that's why I prefer to be contacted by email. Sunday morning is usually safe to call as it only interrupts me reading the Sunday Times which I can live with.

But just to remind you-

It's an exciting life I lead.

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