Sunday, 5 June 2011


I forgot to mention this in the previous post.

Saturday afternoon, just after three and I'd just got back from running around and had sat down on a chair next to the window in the living room for a cup of coffee when I saw something tiny flash across the floor swiftly followed by Lily our grey cat. She spent a few minutes chasing it before Little Bob joined in and managed to catch the mouse. 

Then he let it go.

And chased it again. And caught it. And let it go again.

Daisy, his partner in crime, took an interest but wasn't much use. 

So with three cats in the room, the mouse continued to manage to evade being permanently captured and killed by either one of them. This went on for about ten minutes until I was finally able to catch the little thing, take it outside and drop it over the fence into next-door's garden.

I'm hoping that the mouse was brought in by one of the cats and let go because the alternative is that it found a way into the house that I don't know about. I've seen live mice in the garden before, though more often dead ones, and a couple of times in the kitchen where it was obvious how it got in -in a cat's mouth. But I'm even more amazed that three cats couldn't quickly catch and kill one tiny mouse.

Oh well.

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