Thursday, 16 June 2011


This lovely friendly cat has been at Carol's for a few weeks now, her stomach getting larger and larger until mid-day today when the first of five kittens finally popped out. This was the ginger one -the rest are either black or black and white- and Carol rang me to let me know. I didn't dash over and hadn't planned on calling at all until she rang me later in the afternoon to ask me to pick up a mother and two kittens which were being given away 'free to a good home'. Well, we'd rather decide what the good home was and as I'd already had one of the owner's cats neutered she was happy for us to take them. 

I got to Carol's a little while after the fourth kitten had been born and all four were frantically snuggling up to their mother. While Carol was preoccupied with another cat, I noticed that the fifth had started to come out.

If you look closely, you can make out the kitten's face through the sac wall. A couple of minutes later and it had emerged and the mother was busy licking it clean, prior to tucking in to the afterbirth.

Carol had to move the newborn up to her mother once it started moving around and before long it was tucking in. Carol thought there might be another one still to come but there wasn't. Meanwhile I had to pop out to get a load of baby wipes which she uses, along with a load of other stuff, to help clean out the cats. I use them too, along with paper towels and disinfectant spray, to clean out cat litters.

By the time I got back, the mother (whom I decided to call Sophie) had lain down with all the kittens snuggled against her and was relaxed and purring loudly.
I'll keep updating with new photos as they get bigger.

And as for the mother and kittens I'd brought to Carol's earlier, they are all available for re-homing and this is what they look like. Mother first.
And then the kittens.

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