Monday, 13 June 2011


Just to give the cat a break from the cage, I brought it into the house to spend some time in the living room, something I did for the ginger kitten a couple of weeks ago. It immediately went under the settee, though it came out in a few minutes with a little coaxing. Clearly nervous and probably wary, it would be smelling all the other cats. After about fifteen minutes, I picked it up and it straight away began to struggle but before I could do anything, it sank its teeth into either side of my right index finger causing two puncture wounds which are still seeping half an hour after the event. I'm used to scratches but puncture wounds are quite unusual.

The cat is now back in the cage with its last meal of the day -it's going to be neutered tomorrow morning. I've also noticed that it seems to drink a lot and I'll mention this to the vet.

Despite this, I don't think it's a vicious cat, it's just nervous and doesn't like being picked up. I'll keep you informed.

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