Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I was supposed to go to Tracy's rescue at Burnhope deep in the wilds of Durham (see several previous posts) on Monday morning. Setting off at 6.30am. Picking up two Bengal cats from Hetton. But the cats got re-homed on Saturday. And less than 24 hours later the new owner emailed me to ask if I could take them. Which I would. I then heard nothing until I sent her a second email on Monday only to find that they'd gone to a local rescue. 

Today, after swimming and filling the van with bought cat food and the donated food from Asda, I went to Penshaw, a small village that's part of greater Sunderland and about four miles away, to pick up a kitten. The lady concerned was giving it up because her two adult cats hated it and she was worried they might harm the little thing. So off to take the kitten to Carol who wanted me to take a tortoiseshell kitten which had just been brought to her by her ally Gary who rescue animals in the Downhill/Town End Farm/Red House areas at the north of Sunderland. Tracy had someone who wanted a young tortoiseshell who had  recently lost (euphemism for died) hers. 

As I've said before, there's always something new to see at Tracy's. In this case, she'd got rid of gravel in the yard and substituted it for decking, wooden furniture, and grass and it looked really good. See for yourself.

Next up, the cats. First the little torty which I brought through. Then five little black and white kittens, two adults, and a Bengal which, despite its appearance, turned out to be a big affectionate softy (who doesn't get on with children). All but the torty are available for re-homing.

You can access Tracy's website by clicking on the the link in the  cat websites sidebar.

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