Monday, 13 June 2011


Here's me, sitting at the computer, adding items to my Amazon Marketplace listings- (If you want great deals on CDs, DVDs, graphic novels, and books, all in excellent condition just keep an eye out for seller ianw700)- when the phone rang. It was a lady who thought I might have her cat. She worked at Boots where the cat was found and her was black and white and was missing since Friday, the day before the cat was found outside Boots. But hers was a 5-year old male and the one I had was a 2-year old female, but they did sound very similar. I suggested she check the blog (see below). About ten minutes later she called back and the cat in my garage wasn't a 2-year old female after all, which shows just how much I know.

Her and her daughter called round shortly after and it was pretty obvious immediately that the cat recognised its delighted and relieved owners.

And there we have the sort of happy end of pet reunited with owner that so rarely happens.

I even said that I wouldn't sue for being bitten. Mind you, since then the finger has started swelling noticeably. I wonder, if I have to have it amputated, I could change my mind?

(In case anyone is reading this who doesn't know what I'm like: that was a joke. But then I've still got my finger.)

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