Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I said-

"I picked up this 8-week old kitten this morning.
"Along with an 18 month old black and white un-neutered male. Apparently the adult cat had been left behind when his owner moved and the new owner took him on along with  young kitten but then changed her mind and passed them on to the young woman who handed them over to me because her two young sons were allergic to them.
"Anyway, I took them to Carol's. Carol rang Roker Park vets to see if they would keep the boy in overnight and neuter him in the morning, which they would, so I took him down. He's a bit nervous but quite placid really."

"You talk about nothing but cats," my wife said.

"Rubbish," I said. "I sometimes talk about kittens, maybe mention dogs, and occasionally things like guinea pigs. Of course I don't talk about cats all the time."

"Everyone in the shop thinks you do," said my wife.

"It's a charity shop raising money to rescue and re-home animals," I said. "I do the cat side of things. What else am I going to talk about to tell them how the money they raise is spent?"

"Lots of things," my wife said.

Of course there's no answer to that. My interests, however, are far wider than cats as anyone checking out my Freethinking blog about pop culture and society, but mostly pop culture, can attest. But, no, it is true that, given the chance, I will talk about cats. My first genuine memory is of a kitten. Apart from term time at college for three years and the first three and half years Susan and I were married, I've never been without a cat or (as things are now) eight.

So, as I apparently wear my heart on my sleeve, I've now decided to wear it on my chest as well and have just bought the following two t-shirts.

Anyone seeing me wearing one of those can't say they weren't warned.

(Susan thinks I'm mad for buying them, but then she thinks I'm mad for lots of other reasons as well.)

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