Monday, 13 June 2011


Another cat in the cage in my garage.
I'd just got back from running around on Saturday morning when I got a call from Andrea who had another cat at the shop. This one had been found at the back of Boots in the city centre  by Andrea's mother who works there. I've now had her for a couple of days and she seems a quiet friendly little thing. Like the ginger kitten, when I open the cage she comes up and rubs against me. Don't know how old she is -less than two, I think- or if she's been neutered or not. I'll find that out tomorrow.

Another wild animal in my house.
Last week it was a mouse. Yesterday morning I was sitting reading The Sunday Times when the cats made a noise. This time they were playing with a medium sized dark-coloured frog which made a hideous wailing noise when touched. I coaxed it into a bucket, took it outside and dropped it over the fence of a neighbour who has a pond.

Cats and kittens.
Picked up a few and re-homed some during the course of the week. On Monday, two 5-year old sisters (pictures in previous posts) went to two different but very nice homes, one at Downhill, the other on the opposite side of the river at Silksworth. The Silksworth cat was the more nervous of the two and disappeared very quickly to be found a couple of hours later asleep in the sun on a windowsill.

Another pretty and friendly tortoiseshell was given to us at Roker Park vets.
On Friday, I picked up a mother, her kittens, and another adult female. All available for re-homing.

The Day I Thought I Knocked Someone Down With The Van.
Which was early Friday evening and the end of nearly two and a half hours driving around.

First I'd picked up a cat from Millfield which was to have its stitches out at Roker Park. First though to Southwick to pick up Carol and a cat. Once done at the vets, we dropped the Millfield cat off home then went round the corner to Pallion to pick up the cats and kitten mentioned above. From there to Downhill to drop of cat food with a fosterer, before returning Carol home. And all this at a time of high traffic density.

I'd got through most of the city centre and was in the dual carriageway which bypassed Park Lane bus station. There is a set of pedestrian operated traffic lights about thirty yards before a set of standard automatic lights. I was in the left hand lane behind two cars as I approached the first set and could see ahead past the next set that there were parked cars. So I pulled into the right hand lane and stopped at the automatic lights. I was just pulling away on green when I noticed in my rear view mirror that a person was collapsed in the road next to the lights immediately behind me. I did briefly wonder if I'd caused the accident and not noticed but thought that firstly, someone would have tried to attract my attention as there were several other cars and people around, and secondly that I'd have heard or felt any collision. So, as I hadn't seen anything, I drove off.

But the farther I drove the more I wondered if it could have been me. I told Susan when I got home and she immediately and correctly said I should go back. She drove me there and I found the person still on the ground, several police cars and officers milling around. I approached two officers and explained the situation. They'd only just arrived but were pretty sure it had nothing to do with me. They took my details and thanked me.

And that was it. But I was quite tired at the time. You never know...

Our Garden.
We've had a lot of work done on our garden recently. First off was having a new patio laid with stones imported from India, not your factory-processed identikit stone. Then more of them were laid on top of the concrete path which has been down probably since the house was built (1925). When that was finally sorted, we had a friend come over and do some tidying up with the plants and laying a couple of rows of turf where once had been a row of bushes. While all this was going on, several of the cats were fascinated by the activity, particularly Daisy and Little Bob. The result is still a small garden but one that seems larger than it used to be and we're very pleased. What the cats think, they aren't saying.

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