Friday, 17 October 2014


I'm feeling too lazy to write a proper post so here are my Facebook entries for the last two days.

 Tuesday 6.23pm
Moved Amy Farrah Fowler and Marcy May to our re-homing centre this morning. Rizzoli, the ginger female I took in on Saturday, likes sleeping next to me. And at 5.45pm I got a call from a local vets asking if I could take in a friendly stray young cat. Let's see. Maisie's kittens have moved in with Joanna, so I move Maisie in with the rest of the cats, the new one can go in the conservatory. So that's where he is.
Wednesday 9.32am
Wednesday morning, it's six o'clock and I phone Susan to make sure she's awake. She is. Next it's empty litter trays, feed cats, feed myself, check email. That done I pick up Susan at seven and take her to the Royal Hospital where she is going to have a knee replacement operation today. I try to convince her that no-one has ever died from a knee replacement op, fail miserably, give her a hug and go swimming. 

Back home for coffee and a cat-gnawed slice of stollen cake before getting to grips with my new Miele vacuum cleaner which arrived yesterday. I usually meet friends for coffee in Starbucks Wednesday mornings but I have to stay in because I'm expecting several parcels including: a replacement keyboard as this one has started being erratic, a new point and click camera as my current one has stopped working, the new Peter Hamilton doorstop SF novel (a smidgen over half price from Amazon), and maybe another book and a couple of CDs from Amazon Marketplace sellers. But right now the vacuum cleaner. And if I haven't heard from Susan by teatime I'll give the hospital a call.

Wednesday 8.27pm
Went to see Susan after her knee replacement op to find her in good spirits despite a drip in her arm and a machine pushing blood through her legs. She admitted to a panic attack on the way into theatre but kept on going with the help of a sedative. Hopefully she'll be out by the weekend. She's in a small ward with three other ladies of a similar age and is happy with the way things are going. So, good.

Thursday 10.47am.
Susan had a rough night, is now on morphine and very sleepy. The old people's home where her mother resides was taken over by new management a few months ago and very much to the benefit of its residents. They've now been in contact wanting a cat for the place. I was going to take a resident and staff member through to the re-homing centre when it occurred to me I had the (hopefully) perfect candidate in my house in the form of Rizzoli the two year old friendly ginger girl. I'll let you know what happens.

Thursday 12.49pm
Rizzoli now has a new home and a new role in life -making very elderly people happy. She's going to be a house cat but it's in a very large house with a lot of people available all the time to make a fuss of her. I think it's going to work out fine but I'm still holding my breath as we've never done this before.

Thursday, 7.00pm.
Had to pop up to Asda earlier to buy new pc speakers and an HDMI cable. Why? Because one or more of my cats keeps chewing through bloody cables -Ipod, Ipad, speakers, ear phones, landlines, HDMI, tv power cables,

Friday 10.00am.
Another day, another cat. Didn't go swimming this morning, went to the parcels office to pick a thick steampunk SF novel which couldn't fit through my letterbox yesterday, and then I went to pick up a stray cat from not too far away. Nice young woman who'd been feeding it (and who'd put it on Facebook), has a couple of cats, but also pregnant and didn't want to risk catching anything from a stray. The cat seems friendly and isn't hissing at my cats -she's in the cage at the moment- and I'm taking her to the vets at 10.30 for a checkup. She's had kittens not too long ago but from the state of her they'll probably be at least three months old. Here she is.

Friday 3.10pm.
Just got back from seeing Susan who, if not a barrel of laughs, was at least up and about, albeit slowly and painfully, with the aid of a walker and managing to get to the toilet unaided. She asked me to get the phone numbers of two ladies she'd become friends with and who were leaving today. While I was doing that and explaining my role in Animal Krackers, the phone rang from someone at Washington asking me if I could help with a possibly injured and possibly kitten. I'm going tomorrow morning at 9 but I'm not promising anything. The new cat from this morning, which I've named Bronia and which I didn't promise anything either, is only a year old and I've booked her for spaying in a week. By the time I'd finished speaking with the ladies, a friend of Susan's had arrived making me surplus to requirements so I left and here I am with coffee and chocolate biscuits.

Friday 4.36pm
Time to feed the cats and after that it's off to Ferry Farm to hand over Mayhem the lively loveable young boy to his new owner.

Normal service will be resumed.

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