Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Yeah, okay, so Missy has already gone. Helen T took her to Adele B's flat (Adele having only just gone back from Canada the same day to find she's fostering four kitten-cats including Missy. All are doing well I've been told today.

Instead I got Dora, a three month old sweetheart, whose owner decided it wasn't a good idea for her to keep on living with his four lively children. Dora, after less than 24 hours here, has already begun to explore the house, though she's very nervous of the other cats. She is also very affectionate and loves being cuddled so I doubt if it will take long to find her a home. It won't, however, be with children under 10.

Bronia is about a year old, has had kittens before I acquired her ten days ago, and is due to be spayed with Maisie (see many previous posts, also left on second photo down) on Friday. She spends most of her time in my spare (book & DVD) room but has started venturing further afield (see below). She's friendly and likes being stroked but isn't what you call a nursey cat. Has a good appetite.

The kitten that was due to be delivered at midday today wasn't, though I wasn't surprised as I'd hadn't heard anything since the initial contact.

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