Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Amy Farrah Fowler and Marcy May (see recent posts) received their second flu jabs this morning and were then taken, by me, to our re-homing centre at Ferry Farm Kennels. Poor things weren't to happy and they crouched down as far as possible into their adjacent cat-beds. They will get used to it and three cat cuddlers arrived about the same time and will have made a fuss of them.  

One of the cuddlers is the nice young woman who's adopting Mayhem. She texted me later to arrange for her to collect  him on Friday teatime.  He's going to a really good home.
About 4.45pm I got a call from Williams & Cumming vets about a young stray male which had been left with them by the person who'd been feeding him but couldn't manage any longer. Let's see. Maisie's kittens have gone to Joanna who is doing a great job homing kittens so if I moved Maisie out of the conservatory and let her go where she wanted in the rest of the house -she's okay with the other cats- and put the new one in the conservatory. That might work. So that's what I did.

He doesn't seem an aggressive cat but is still getting used to it so I'm just leaving him alone. Maisie, of course, keeps wanting to get back into the conservatory as that's been her home for the last three months but she's not too bad and is currently sprawled out on the couch.

Here's the new cat who I'm currently calling Name To Be Decided.
Rizzoli, the ginger female I took in on Saturday, now has the run of the place but so far prefers to stay upstairs with her favourite place being under my duvet or curled up next to me when I'm on/in the bed. She hisses at any other cat comes near but in a relatively mild -just keep your distance, okay- way.

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