Thursday, 2 October 2014


Yes, really. I am having a quiet week and I feel very relaxed. There's not much happened at all which is why there hasn't been a new post for five days.

Here are some photos of two black cats. The first is Mayhem who's about six months old and neutered. He's very friendly and really really lively. The second is -oh heck, I can't remember her name- maybe Penny or Charlie. She's young, maybe a year and very friendly.

My two foster cats Amy Farrah Fowler and Marcy May are proving to be proper pains in the armpit. Both run the hell away from me. Usually. MM, the black and white, is the  worst for this. AFF is okay if I'm sitting down either on my computer chair or on the settee. In those cases, she will cautiously approach me until I can get close enough to pick her up or she'll actually jump on me. She can be very friendly and a proper lap cat. However, if I'm standing up and moving around she reverts to who the hell is this scary monster? mode.

Also, because of scaredy cat ways, it's very difficult to feed them. If I can catch Marcy May in the spare room in a hiding place behind a large flattened cardboard box propped against a cupboard I can slide a bowl of cat food to her and hope she eats it before any other cats get to it -because of shelving I can't actually shut the door. Amy Farrah Fowler spends much of her time behind the couch in my living room. The problem here is not so much getting food near her as hoping she'll eat it rather than run and also trying to keep the other cats away from it or actually chase them out of the room without AFF going as well. 

That''s my leg AFF is touching so you can see it's easier for me to get photos of her than the other one.

A couple of re-homing enquiries didn't work out but on Tuesday I met a mature couple at our re-homing centre and they are coming back tomorrow to adopt Colin the lovely young ginger cat who doesn't get on with other cats. I'm also picking up sisters Charlie and Chocolate from Adele's to take to the vets for their second flu jabs and then on to the re-homing centre.

Over the last few days I've promised places to three people if they can get their cats vaccinated against cat flu. I turned down someone else because the cat was 13 years old. If that sounds terrible, I have to be practical. Old cats are very hard to re-home and it would take up a space that could have been filled several times over by cats which would otherwise have found homes. We can't save every cat we get asked to help and couldn't even if we re-homed a cat a day because there are just too many so the only sensible thing to do is help the cats which stand the best chance of getting new home.

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