Tuesday, 21 October 2014


One of these days I'll learn how to take decent photos of cats. The colour is off-balance; Missy is actually a grey tabby and a 5-month old kitten-cat. She arrived yesterday afternoon along with Evan a 3-year old all-black boy. Evan came with up to date vaccinations and I took him straight through to the re-homing centre where he promptly hid under his bed and, when I replaced it with an igloo-type, hid himself in that. He'll come out of it.

I put Missy in the conservatory which was vacant because Todd the stray I took in last week forced his way through the locked cat flap on Saturday night and hasn't been seen since and I've boarded the hole up. Missy promptly hid in a corner of the window behind the blinds.

After leaving her alone for a while, I went in and picked her up and stroked her. Missy responded with cries, hissing and growling. But no biting or scratching. And this has been pretty much the pattern, though she is mellowing. I pick her up, stroke her, she howls and growls, I put her on my knee, she howls and growls but doesn't try to jump down, I stroke her, she  howls and growls and rubs her head against the back of my hand, she stares at the other cats looking in and howls and growls and rubs against my head, and so on.

I think she'll calm down quite quickly and become a very loveable cat.

The following photos were taken through the conservatory door because that was the only time she'd stay still long enough to get a halfway decent picture.

Regulars at the shop won't be seeing Sue Hardy there for a while as she's recovering from a knee replacement operation last week and not having a good time of it. I'm there morning and teatime to feed her (used to be our) cats and check she's okay and am always available if she needs me. Susan and I haven't lived together for over a year a half but the cats still treat me as if I've just popped out to the shops.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be getting another kitten tomorrow lunch time.

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