Monday, 6 October 2014


One minute later.

Okay, here are photos (brand new, taken today) and comments (brand new, written today too) on all the cats currently in my house. There are three categories. (I wish I could make a cat joke out that but I can't, though it does occur to me to wonder that if I happened to be a canine lover instead, would the word be doggeries?)

And now: -Category 1:

Available for adoption -come and get them, they're all wonderful (honest!).

These are already on the cats and kittens needing homes webpage but this can be considered as an update.

Burberry and Cardigan, brother and sister, a whole 8 weeks and 3 days old. Burberry the black and white boy is coming out of his shell and actively seeking me out to play with. I'm hoping that Cardigan will soon follow suit.

Maisie, their mother, 9 months old, not yet spayed but if adopted before she is Animal Krackers will pay for the op if you take her to Kings Road Vets. She's friendly, likes being stroked but not picked up (though that could change once she's away from her kittens), good with other cats. Don't be put off by the crap photo.

Amy (Farrah Fowler) is all black with a soft glossy coat, one year old, loves sitting on knees, a bit nervous and will only come to me when I'm sitting down, but in a quieter environment (i.e. not having seven other cats around her) she should blossom. I think she's a lovely little thing.

 Marcy May, 3 years old, is a real scaredy cat who needs a quiet home with no other cats (or dogs, or lions, or wombats, or gorillas or whatever). If she gets that I believe she'll be a very loving girl.

Category 2.

You can consider this as a result of Susan Hardy bullying me about the number of cats in my house and the fact that there's a chance they may outlive me. What we have here are three young cats who are not on the needing homes web page but which I will, extremely reluctantly, and only if you promise not to reveal the story of me, the senior politician's wife, and the emu egg, agree to their being removed from my home.

Squeak, 8 months old, male, absolutely adorable, affectionate, playful, good with other cats, steals your food, squeaks to be on your knee, chest, whatever.

Arya, a one year old female torty, friendly, playful, Squeak's best friend, affectionate, in fact just like him but a tiny bit more subdued, is currently growing a Buddha from her bum

Grey Girl (she's really called Tilly but I never use the name) is 18 months old, born in this house, never been outside, good with other cats, friendly, blah blah blah, the usual.

Category 3.

Don't even think about it! These cats are going nowhere unless it's to the big cattery in the sky and not, I hope, for a long time.

Aelfric, age (forgot, who cares anyway you're not getting him), character -playful, loveable, greedy pig (takes after me), etc.

Fifi, the first cat I fostered in my new house in March 2013.

Rikki, four-ish, had eyelid op, bit of a sad case but seems pretty settled here after about four months.

Emma, about 2, nice friendly girl, etc.

Category 4.

(There is no category 4, this is me summing up/concluding.)

And there you have it, all the cats and kittens in my house: some for adoption, some possibly for adoption and some definitely not (unless you slip me a very large wad of cash that is).


Come back soon. Preferably to adopt a cat.

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Angela McGhin said...

lovely to see Rikki again! he looks pretty happy - hope his eyes have cleared up :-)