Saturday, 16 August 2014


Not a bad day.

First off I picked up two sisters, Belle and Tinker, just over a year old, both grey and white, both sweet natured and devoted to each other so they must be homed together. The pictures I was able to take all stink and don't do them justice but I'm stuck with them for the moment. I'll be back at Ferry Farm tomorrow so I'll try again.

A young couple from Dunstan came wanting a pair of cats and, to both my amazement and delight, didn't take the gorgeous Fluffy siblings, but Tiny and Todd, two young black cats who who used to live with me until I moved them to the re-homing centre because they kept on soiling my bedroom carpet. I did mention this several times to their new owners but they still wanted them. I just keep thinking they'll end up back here.

An older couple came wanting to see Twinkle as she's the only tabby we have but, being very nervous, she ended up climbing the pen walls to try to get away so, as they only wanted a tabby, no sale.

Just before my lunchtime nap I got a call from a gentleman who wanted a black male cat. Bob Fluffy fits that bill and as he and his sister aren't that close I don't mind splitting them. He went to see Bob but I haven't heard back yet -which doesn't mean anything either way as he can't take him for about a week.

The phone woke me from my nap. It was a lady already at Ferry Farm who wants Hero, the four year old black and white boy, for her grandmother. Not a problem. She rang back later after having conferred with the elderly lady and I'm meeting her tomorrow for her to adopt Hero.

So, not a bad day at all. 

On late Monday afternoon I'm meeting a lady from Washington who's bringing her 8 year old female for re-homing. She's up to date with her flu jab so that's okay and we've space.

Mid-afternoon I drove to Plains Farm to collect two three month old tabby kittens which I took over to Carole's for re-homing. Called in at our charity shop on the way back to relate the day's events and chatted to Susan who suggested we go for an Italian this evening which was nice. Didn't happen though as a family crisis put the mockers on that.

The little ginger and white kitten I took in a couple of days ago (see previous post) has taken to sleeping on my bed and is much more comfortable with me now which is what I thought would happen. He was on the settee behind me and just cried out and ran over to me to be picked up and petted. Just a moment ago he was purring loudly and rubbing his nose against mine. Ah!

At least one of my cats -little Arya- has worms so I'm dosing all of them and have spattered bloodstains on the walls and floor to prove it.

My life is full and fun.

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Joanna Lumley said...

Hi, I'm the woman who adopted tiny and todd over two years ago. I've just found this blog and it's been nice to have a little read through. I'm sorry to say that unfortunately todd was run over and killed last year, the only consolation being that he was killed instantly and didn't suffer. A shame, as I live on a very quiet street and accidents like this are incredibly rare here. Tiny on the other hand (now named maisie) is still with me and doing fabulously. We worked out that the reason she kept soiling the floor was because she has a sensitive tummy, and feeding her standard food causes her to be unwell, meaning she can't hold it in! She's now on a special diet, and perfectly house trained! She's come into her own since we lost todd, and seems to love being a solitary cat. I just thought you might appreciate the little update. I'm also by myself now, so it's me and her against the world!