Saturday, 2 August 2014


Had to make an unscheduled trip to the vets today as I got a call to tell me that Burnside, the grizzled old ginger white tom I'd fostered for a few weeks but was now at our re-homing centre, wasn't well. I'd noticed he didn't seem himself when I was there earlier in the week but he'd got worse and this morning he'd been sick, wouldn't eat and just sat unmoving on the floor. He'd picked up a little by the time I got there but I took him just in case.

Holly the vet thought he might have caught a bug. His weight was good and he seemed okay in other ways but she gave him a vitamin shot and a booster shot which should perk him up, though he'd have to be kept an eye on.

While I was waiting a young couple and their three boys came and sat down next to me with a cat carrier. When they took the top off, inside were chihuahua puppies only the a couple of hours old and their mother. The couple had brought them in because they were concerned about one of the puppies. I asked if I could take a picture, and here they are.

I'm having a right bleeding week this week. No, I'm not swearing, I am bleeding a lot. My right side has several long scratches, one caused by my clumsiness in scraping against the side of a door, but the others are caused by cats. All accidental of course, just either me picking one up at an awkward angle or another jumping down and misjudging it and catching me. Just now, Arya (whom I formally adopted yesterday) climbed onto my knee and dug a claw into the back of my left hand. 

And then there was Burnside at the vets. I was trying to hold him while Holly gave him an injection to which he vehemently objected and sank his teeth into my finger, biting down as hard as he could which is pretty hard. Luckily his teeth are blunt and worn down or he'd have bitten halfway through it so all he could do was cause me intense pain. I mentioned this to a dog walker when I arrived back with him. 
"Ouch," she said. 
"Words to that effect," I replied.

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