Thursday, 14 August 2014


 And Rikki
I suppose I'd better explain.

I'd been swimming but because of several nights of poor sleep, after pottering about, went back to bed for a nap. The phone by the bedside woke me. Someone wanted a five month old kitten taking in. I sleepily gave him Carole's number and put the phone back down. She rang me a few minutes later. She couldn't take the kitten (she had an important but none of your business reason for refusing) but was concerned about it and wanted me to take him. I explained I had a problem with a rather vicious cat. She could help me with that if I'd take the kitten and so that's what happened and why I have a five month old ginger-white kitten settling in. He's going to be neutered tomorrow and I've dosed him with Frontline. In about three weeks after his second flu jab he'll be off to Ferry Farm, if I haven't already re-homed him. 

His new name? Arfon. It's the Celtic forename of a folk singer I found on a compilation CD Beginners Guide to Celtic I own.

Cats found homes.
Three cats went on Wednesday. From my house Jeff to the student I originally got her from. And from Ferry Farm, Misty a fluffy young torty who recently arrived and Alfie a tabby who'd been with us for several months which is particularly pleasing. I've got someone coming on Saturday to look at a couple of cats with a view to taking one so fingers crossed (not that that's going to have any effect on events but, apart from the problems with Tilly, this isn't a bad week week at all).

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