Saturday, 9 August 2014


1. Tamber the Staffy.
Susan Hardy has fallen in love with this dog and desperately wants it to find a good home. She can't give it one herself because of the several cats who live with her so she asked me to do a piece on it in this blog to help publicise its availability. She extolled its many virtues to me over the phone last night for several minutes and needless to say I can hardly remember a thing. I did, however, remember enough to go and take some photos of it this morning.
Tamber is, unusually for staffies, quite reserved in that she didn't jump up and try to slobber all over me. Instead, she approached me quietly and patiently allowed me to stroke her, which is something she obviously enjoyed. I got the impression that she's a sad little dog, desperate for human company, just wanting to be loved, though she isn't good with other dogs. I felt quite sad too when I left her.

2. 4 Cats in a Cage.
These are new arrivals at Ferry Farm. They are all nice, all youngish (one of them is a kitten), all very friendly and can be re-homed separately.

3. And other new arrivals.
The first is a black and white cat I know nothing about other than that as soon as you go in the cage he tries to put his paws on your chest. So: friendly.
The other two are Bob and Bo Fluffy who spent three weeks with me.

4. Roly re-homed.
The whole reason for being there this morning was to meet a guy who was interested in adopting a cat as his older cat had died leaving a friendly nine year old female with no feline friend for company. I showed him a few possibles, though my mind was always with Roly as he previously lived in the cage with a young female so I knew he'd be fine with another cat. Although tempted by Pierre, he went with Roly. 
Not having a car, I gave him a lift home and went inside to meet his other cat which proved to be a friendly tabby sitting on top of a basket. Roly inspected the litter tray, then looked at the other cat and, tail confidently erect, gave a perfunctory half-hearted hiss. He then went into the living room and got stuck into a food bowl.
Given his new owner is very experienced with cats, I don't think there are going to be any problems.

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