Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Bob and Bo the Fluffy siblings were already scheduled for a visit to have their second flu jab prior to their transfer to our re-homing centre at Ferry Farm kennels. But they also needed a shot of Stronghold for fleas and worms. And Bob Fluffy needed a shave at his rear end where the fur was clagged up with something I don't need to name. Bo Fluffy needed a lesser trim.

I also brought along Rikki (see previous post) about whom I was getting more and more worried. Thankfully Holly the vet couldn't find a tumour and believed it was just a regular bug. She gave me antibiotic tablets and Panacur dewormer to give him. A day later, however, his appetite still hasn't picked up.

Maisie, however, following her trip to the emergency vets yesterday, has shown a distinct improvement in terms of her appetite which is a great relief. Here she is with her kittens this morning.

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