Friday, 22 August 2014


On my way home from the vets with a stray male cat I'd taken to be checked out and a female Animal Krackers had paid to be spayed for its special needs owner, I was driving round a roundabout, realised I was taking the wrong exit and, very stupidly, tried to change lanes resulting in grazing another car -if my reactions hadn't been as quick as they are, it could have been much worse but either way it's an insurance job. The result is not only dents to two cars but also to my confidence and a corresponding downer mood.

Don't have a photo of the spayed cat but I do have one of the stray. What happened there is that I got a call about a friendly cat which these people in a small block of flats had been feeding for a month. I went round to check it out to find a friendly fluffy black cat so I rang the vets and arranged to take it in in the afternoon when I picked up the spay. And that's what happened. Much to my surprise, the cat was microchipped and after a bit fannying around by the chipping company (there's a pun there) we got a number. The owner worked from 4 in the afternoon until 2 in the morning so I kept the cat at my place overnight.

Earlier that day, after my initial looking at the cat, I called in at fosterer Adele's (she lived close by) to see the other cat's kittens and Colin who she's also fostering.

Right. Time for photos. In order: the fluffy black cat, the kittens, Colin.

Adele has three people interested in the kittens so I've volunteered to call round when they visit as she hasn't done any adoptions before.

I dropped the black cat off this morning after it had spent the night hiding away from my others. His owner lived just round the corner from where it had been getting fed. With their permission, I gave his owner their details in case he wandered off again. Although they'd been feeding him for a month he'd only actually been missing for three days. Not long enough for his owner to be really worried, or to give Animal Krackers a donation.

For the last couple of days I and my next door neighbours have been having our gardens visited by two rabbits who live in the garden at the bottom of mine. I don't think their owner can have realised that they can escape their cage. This isn't a problem for us as we're all animal lovers but I am worried about wandering cats attacking them. For at least a couple of hours today, a fluffy and friendly black and white cat has been lying down at the bottom of my garden and I've been keeping an eye open in case he went for them which, thankfully, he hasn't and has now, presumably, gone home. So-

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