Sunday, 28 July 2013



Yesterday two male cats were adopted by a couple of professional gentlemen. The cats -one black, the other tabby, both friendly- were in separate pens but I'm sure they'll settle down together as the black cat already shared a pen with a less friendly tabby.

Today a charming young policewoman came through from Newcastle and left with 8 week old Bombino whose photographs have been featured heavily in this blog. 

Now every time I have to put a cat or kitten in a carrier I wonder to myself: Is it going to be easy or is it going to be hard? Usually it's easy.

With Bombino it wasn't just hard, it was nearly bloody impossible. He seemed to sense something when I first picked him as he began to struggle violently and after clawing my flesh I finally had to let him go. I went into the kitchen to get a towel to wrap him in. It still took a while as he ran up and under furniture before I trapped him in the conservatory and even then it still wasn't easy. He wriggled out of the blanket but somehow I kept hold of him and ignored the pain of his claws shredding skin before I managed to get him in the carrier. I wish I was making a joke of it but I'm not. This was one of the worst experiences I've had of trying to get a cat into a carrier and I've the claw marks on my hands and arms to prove it.

Still, it was worth it to get him a good home where I'm sure he'll settle down just like his grey and white sister has at her new home.


Tiger the skinny tabby (see previous post) is a much happier cat and eating regularly. I'm still giving him the treats but the bulk of his diet is dried Go-Cat. Just a few minutes ago he ate several slices of cooked ham. 

He's still spending most of his time in my bedroom, as does Aelfric with whom he seems comfortable -no signs of aggression from either cat. I'm very confident that he'll settle in properly and be very happy here.


She's one of the two cats I brought with me from Weldon Avenue when I moved here earlier this year which turned out to be a mistake as she never settled. A grey nine year old with diabetes, she was frightened by and aggressive towards the other cats which came in and she compulsively urinated all over the house. She's been back home with Susan for over a week now and is much happier, spending a lot of the time lazing in the sun on the patio. And I'm now not having to watch where I put my feet in the bathroom and no longer having to go on all fours as I sniff for strongly smelling urine on the carpet and the house smells a little less funky.

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Hurray on the adoptions - that is EXCELLENT news!!!

So sorry about the kitty/carrier episode - I've had afew of those and they are never fun by any stretch of the imagination.