Monday, 22 July 2013


Tiger before-

Tiger after-

Recent and regular readers will know that Tiger is a stray cat I took in just over a week ago and that I've been very concerned about his lack of appetite. He was checked out soon after and vet Wendy thought it was probably just stress at being in a new place with other cats. But he still kept eating little and I kept being worried. His long fur being full of tats, he needed to be shorn so I booked him in for today and also asked for his blood to be tested.

Last night he actually ate a little more than usual and of regular food -GoCat dried- instead of the meaty strips and the expensive dried stuff from Whiskas in a small cat head shaped box- which was encouraging, but still...

He came back this afternoon, his blood tests were clear, and he tucked in to a small bowl of dried Go-Cat. It's also clear just how close to emaciation he really is. Hopefully he'll keep on eating steadily and start to put weight on.

Molly the nine year old tortoiseshell also went to the vets today where she had her teeth descaled and polished and one removed. She's fine now.


Two people went to the re-homing centre on Saturday but unfortunately both wanted the same cat, Millie the pretty grey-tortoiseshell who ended up going with a nice young couple for whom it was love at first sight (with Millie, I don't know about them).

Another couple are visiting tomorrow, so fingers crossed.


The two young kittens are getting very adventuresome (sorry no new pics) and beginning to cautiously explore their environment. Earlier today I picked up the black one who, when he saw that his mother and an older half-brother were also trying to get on my knee, settled down and went to sleep. They are currently curled up asleep together in the small space between my computer desk and CD shelving.

The older two are now tearing about all over the place as they investigate and attempt to destroy everything they come across. Quite often they'll hang about on the settee when I'm sitting there and settle down next to me. Here are some more photos of them. The first one guest-stars Aelfric whom they now completely accept.

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Awwww sweet Tiger - poor baby but I'm sure the less mats feels terrific and the coat will be so much more gorgeous this time around when it grows in! Here's to a more robust appetite!!!!!