Thursday, 18 July 2013


New arrivals update.

When Mollie's not on my computer chair, because I'm sitting in it, she's usually to be found just a few inches away sitting on top of my printer. Her feeding station is also next to the computer desk. She will roam around a bit more but only when Aelfric isn't as she's not keen on other cats and growls a lot. With me, she's very affectionate and will let me know when she wants attention and, truth to tell, I'm growing rather fond of her.

When Tiger ventures anywhere from behind the settee it's to sit in the sun  on the window.  To be honest, I'm worried about him. When I took a couple of a fosterer's cats to the vets for their first flu jabs on Tuesday I took him along because he's hardly eating. Wendy thought it was just the trauma of finding himself in a new place with other cats but two days later and his appetite still hasn't improved. I'm taking them both for their first flu jabs tomorrow and I'll get them both checked out. Mollie doesn't eat a lot either but it's more than Tiger.


Bombino and Tiny are, when they're not sleeping, racing around, chasing each other, destroying anything they can get their teeth and claws into, and climbing over me like a piece of furniture. I used to think that Tiny was the friendliest of the two but around ten last night Bombino climbed into my lap, stretched out and went to sleep. Whoever ends up with these two will get kittens which are well adjusted, socialised, and friendly. Tammy (aka Brian), the homed grey one, is already playing with her two new older friends and delighting her owners.

The younger kittens are now around four weeks old and taking an active interest in their surroundings, though they're still a little way off climbing furniture and are a bit wobbly on their feet. 

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Mollie and Tiger are just gorgeous - and the kittens; well what little darlings!

Hopefully the lack of eating is nothig health wise but rather just a result of moves and lots of change. I have that happen quite frequently with new fosters who join us - it often takes a week or two for everything to settle down. Fingers crossed that that's the case here.