Saturday, 13 July 2013


While we didn't get as many people as previous years, there was still a good turnout and a nice buzz to the thing with everyone getting into it and enjoying themselves.

Massive appreciation of Anne Steabler and Susan Hardy, without whom... Big thank you to everyone who helped get it all together and, as someone who was involved, trust me it took a lot of hard work and effort. And thanks to everyone who came, had a good time and, most importantly, spent money.

The photos I took were better than the last time but that isn't saying much. There's an annoying brief delay between pressing the button and the actual photo being taken which meant the subject was either blurred, out of shot, or had turned their back. I've let the photos speak for themselves and are presented in the order I took them beginning with  Stephen the Verger of St.Aidan's Church, our liaison and master of ceremonies.

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