Friday, 12 July 2013


Sometimes you just want to close your eyes, open your mouth and go-


Within the space of 17 hours I found myself with two more cats in my house and on my hands.

Okay, one was expected. I'd made arrangements with a lady who had taken in a stray that if she had it vaccinated then I would find a place in our re-homing centre. However, her oldish rescued nervous terrier was very stressed out by the cat so I agreed to foster the cat for a week before its second and final vaccination.

I have to say that initial impressions suggest that it won't be going anywhere as it ticks a number of boxes for being an Ian's cat. It's a tabby. It seems to be very friendly and even sat briefly on my knee that first evening (yesterday). And he's male. As he didn't even hiss at Aelfric who came nosing up to his cage, I let him out and gave him the run of the living room. Since then he's spent most of the time behind behind the settee.

And did I mention he's absolutely gorgeous?

Been busy this morning, as has everyone in Animal Krackers as it's our annual (raise lots of money we hope) fashion show in the local church hall. I've driven several vans full of boxes, which I first helped load and then unload, from shop to church hall. Returning to the lane at the back of the shop from my penultimate trip, I found Susan and Andrea at the end of the lane talking to two representatives of the RSPCA. Apparently in the house on the corner was a, technically, abandoned dog and cat. I saw the dog, a sandy short haired friendly lurcher bitch in the back yard which came to lick our fingers through the fence. Susan asked me if I'd take the cat which, seeing as she'd just told me off when I told her I wanted to keep the cat above, was a bit of a cheek. No, I said and went off for the final run.

When I got back, they had been joined by the tearful owner who didn't want to give up her pets but was forced to by circumstances. Animal Krackers was taking the dog. Susan asked me in front of the tearful woman cradling the cat if I'd take it in until it could go to the re-homing centre which wouldn't be for a few weeks. What do you want me to say, I asked her. Say yes, she said so I said yes and took the cat home.

Where I put her in the vacated cage in the living room. She's nine years old and growls a bit when I stroke her. Haven't been able to get a decent photo of her yet (see below).

Tonight, no doubt, I'll be on the door as usual and taking lots of photos which I hope will be better than the last ones I took. If I'm in the mood, they will appear in a write-up of the event tomorrow. It was also discussed there'd be a guess Ian's weight competition. Oh the humiliation if anyone even comes close! If there is one I will, to my shame, let you know what it actually is.

More new kitten photos.

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