Thursday, 1 August 2013



(But before I start, something I omitted to mention about re-homing the two cats and the kitten last weekend. Both the new owners learned about them by reading my blog. Yes, my blog, this blog, the one you're reading now. Which, as far as I'm concerned, alone justifies me doing it. I'm allowing myself this small pat on the back because it's my 65th birthday today and entitled to receive a state pension for being officially an old person.)

Thank You.

Although I re-home cats and kittens, I'm just the last link in a long chain and it's all the other people in that chain that I want to thank right now because none of what I do would be possible without them.


Thank you to everyone who works or has worked in Animal Krackers two charity shops, either behind the scenes or in front of them, where most of our income comes from.

Thank you: to everyone who has helped out at our special events to raise funds and to the stores and St Aidan's church for giving us the opportunity to hold them.

Thank you: to our fosterers who've fostered cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and lord knows what else.

Thank you: to those who donated items to us and to those who have bought them (often the same people).

Thank you: to the vets and their staff for the care they have given to the animals we've brought them.

Thank you: to everyone at Ferry Farm Kennels where many of our cats and dogs are sheltered.

And, lastly, thank you: to everyone who has given a wonderful new home to our animals where they'll be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives.

(And thank you to anyone I might have forgotten -like the Animal Krackers committee which I nearly didn't include because I'm on it.)

Another day, another unwanted cat and kittens.

I picked up this young mother and her three kittens this afternoon. All appear to be in good health, all are friendly, and all are available for re-homing.

Updates on my cats.

Fifi is a big Joss Whedon fan. You can tell as this is one of her favourite places to sit.

Tiger is gradually settling in. He shares my bedroom with Aelfric and is beginning to explore further afield. He's regularly coming close to me on bed so I can stroke him. His fur is starting to grow back and now feels soft to the touch. Eating is no longer a problem as he nibbles on dry food intermittently throughout the day and night. Unfortunately his voice resembles that of a strangulated bullfrog with a hernia.

Aelfric, who has a lovely friendly nature, has established himself as Number One Cat in the house. While others limit themselves to specific territories, he goes where he wants.
The kittens, when they aren't charging about making a mess of my living room by scattering books and DVDs all over the place, are as delightful as ever. Want one?

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

SO SO SO CUTE - every last one of them! Hooray for the recent adoptions - keep up the great work and congrats on turning 65 years young!!!!