Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Ted White is the cat I took in nearly three weeks ago now when the people who'd been feeding him (he's a stray) found him covered in blood from what turned out to be a head wound caused a fight with another cat. They called him Ted and I've added the White to distinguish him from my much-loved Ted (a black cat) I left behind with Susan when we split up. It's also a science fiction joke as Ted White is also the name of an SF writer and editor. 

When the people who'd been feeding him called round to see him after they got back from holiday, they were very impressed by his condition. He'd changed from a scruffy street cat to a really quite handsome house cat. More or less. I've been trying to take a decent photo for several days and have never quite managed it. You can't tell from those below but he has a longish neck (for a cat) which gives him a very distinct appearance.

It's taken him a while to settle in and its only been in the last couple of days that he's actively started to seek me out for affection and showing his real character. He'll be off for his second flu jab next Tuesday and then I'll take him to our re-homing centre where, sooner or later, he'll find someone to love him.

Fifi and Emma on my couch.

Grey Girl -her real name is Tilly but I never use it.

Squeak in the conservatory (meetin'a kittin).

 Another two weeks and Maisie's kittens are up for adoption. The tabby is already spoken for.

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