Monday, 22 September 2014


About lunch time I dropped off the dog food I'd picked up at Sainsburys earlier (there was also cat food which I keep until it's time to take it where it's needed) at Susan's. More specifically her garage. She wasn't in but I still have a key and picked up her garage door zapper. Which I promptly forget to put back. Mid-afternoon I rang the shop to ask her if she'd collect it from my house whenever convenient and she mentioned the two kittens in the shop, so...

Also in the shop in the office was Dexter who'd been at the re-homing centre but moved to the shop to make it easier for Andrea to give him the medication for a massive scab on his neck he keeps scratching. When I got there he was described to me as a demonic devil cat which I found strange as that wasn't my experience. I went to see him and he was as friendly as I remember -he's a lovely boy. Joanna, who has just been round to collect some cat food (see above) agrees with me about him.

And then the kittens. Be warned, this is a sad story. They're about 3-4months old, incredibly friendly and just love human contact, look like my Squeak's (see previous recent posts) younger brothers, but have cat flu. One might have to have both eyes removed, the other possibly one. It's almost certain they'll both end up either blind or with impaired vision at best. Apparently a fosterer has already been found and I'm confident we'll find a very special person who'll take care of them both for the rest of their lives.

You can see clearly the discolouration in the bottom photo. It's less obvious in the top because both eyes are the same.

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