Monday, 1 September 2014


1. Maisie's kittens.

Are coming along nicely. They're actually looking through the conservatory door at the really big world of the living room with other curious furries on the other side of the glass. They've even begun to steal their mother's food which came as a surprise to me as the last litter I raised left it much later before they started on solid food. Right now mother and kits are all curled up together.

2. New at Ferry Farm Kennels, our re-homing centre.

These are just a few photos I took yesterday. We've had a good turnover this month with 17 being re-homed. Some of these cats and kittens are reserved and some are temporary stays. Check out the official listing (link on the sidebar) for what is available.

3. The injured stray cat I took in on Saturday: updated.

The wound in his head is healing nicely which is good.  I was hoping to let him out of the cage but he tends to hiss and growl at any of my cats which go near him so that's a no-no. He's okay with me though. He can growl when I stroke him but he's never reacted aggressively to me. Although he'd been eating well, I grew concerned about his lack of evacuations, however, after over 36 hours of waiting he finally used the litter tray for a nice large solid poo (a sign of good health) and an extremely pungent long pee which permeated the house -he isn't neutered, though that will change tomorrow, but as he's about three or four it means it will take a while for his hormones to settle down and the smell will continue for some time yet. Lucky me. 

4. More photos of Squeak and Arya the loveable newsome twosome.

5. Extract from an email (with permission).

A couple of weekends ago, two of our volunteers had a table at a boot fair to publicise and raise money for Animal Krackers. One of them (name withheld on request) wrote to me:

Me and Amy did a car boot sale on Sunday for AK we raided their shop of books and cuddly toys. We also had a board where we printed out info and pictures from your site  (including the dogs), giving out leaflets to anyone who stopped at the stall. We had a few said they would look on your website, a possible cat cuddler/dog walker and lots of oohs and ahs over the pictures. You were also mentioned a couple of times by people who had adopted from you (Wendy was the name of one cat), another said you rehomed TJ who was renamed Tiger - lots of positive comments about you and AK and how you helped when no-one else would :)
We have some lovely people helping us. And, as I keep saying and can't say often enough, none of the rescuing and re-homing would be possible without their help. So thank you one and all.

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Peter Fisher said...

We're very fortunate that there's someone like you in this world. Cats are one of the gifts that we should care about. Keep up the good work!