Sunday, 21 September 2014


My third trip to Peterlee in a week, this time in the charity's van. I had to use it because my car, the Toyota Yaris I only got a few months ago, was being repaired following a scrape (yes: my fault) and I couldn't have animals in the courtesy car. So: no satnav. So: I got lost. More than once. My fault. Can't read a map as well as I used to do.

The cat was owned by a couple of genuine animal lovers who were moving but could only have one cat in their rented accomodation. The one they were taking sat on my shoulder while I was talking to the couple.

Jess, I was assured, was up to date with all its vaccinations though when I contacted their vets they could find no record of anyone at the address registered. As I dimwittedly didn't get their surname, I can only blame myself as the cat may have been registered at a different address. 

Next morning I took her to Kings Road Vets as usual where Wendy checked her over and, after pronouncing her flea-free, gave her the first flu shot. Back home I added her to the needing homes web page. Although a bit nervous of the other cats, Jess seemed friendly -always happy to be stroked- and vocal -letting me know when she wanted to be stroked. Only a few hours after putting her on the list I received a show of interest and on Sunday (this) morning a nice young couple (ironically from near Peterlee) came and took her to her new home.

If only it was always that easy.

For one last time, here's Jess.

And now meet Amy Farrah Fowler.

But you can call her Amy.

And at the risk of spoiling a joke, the full name is that of a character in the popular geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Amy is a stray from Easington Lane. A young woman had been feeding her for a while and would have taken her in but her own cat kept attacking her. When I arrived (after knocking on nearly every door in the street because I'd forgotten the note with the house number, and previously getting lost on the way there) Amy was doing the best she could to hide behind the toilet. I spoke gently to her and picked her up. She didn't really struggle or even make a sound and went easily into the cat carrier.

She's been in the cage in my bedroom for about five hours now and hasn't used the litter tray or eaten anything, but that's not unusual for a newly arrived cat. Jess was the same. I'll get her to the vets as soon as possible, hopefully tomorrow, to be checked over and given her first flu jab. Initial impressions are promising: the lack of aggression, the soft smooth coat, the placid acceptance at being picked up and stroked. Hopefully I'll be able to let her loose with the others, maybe when Ted has gone to Ferry Farm on Tuesday.

Here's one last photo of her. She's bonnier than in the photo.

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