Tuesday, 11 March 2014


On Friday morning, while swimming at my local sport centre, I was told by Frank (see previous post for full details please because I'm not doing a full recap) about an abandoned cat which I took home at the same time as a stray cat and put both in the conservatory in the hopes that they wouldn't fight.

They didn't, but they didn't become best buddies either. 

Tink, the ginger boy I got from Frank, was lovely and friendly, happy to be cuddled and liked to rub his face against mine. On the other hand he didn't eat very much.

Floppy, the black and white with the floppy ear, was more nervous though by yesterday (Monday) he'd become quite friendly. He liked a sea-food diet as in see food and eat it. On the other hand he threw up on Saturday night and the two meals he got on Sunday. Monday morning I gave him some boiled chicken which he wolfed down and kept down. Teatime he got a sachet and kept that down too. This morning I gave him more chicken and three hours later he still hasn't thrown it up.

Back to yesterday morning when I went swimming and told Frank how Tink was doing. Frank then told me that a neighbour who'd also been feeding him (Tink, not Frank) burst into tears as she'd been intending to keep him (Tink, n... okay, enough of that joke). Frank wasn't too sympathetic as she'd had plenty of time to tell him that significant piece of information. He confirmed to me that she would give Tink a good home and that he was used to playing with her two cats. Fine, she can have him, I said and dropped him off at Frank's about lunchtime.

And that was how I re-homed a cat while swimming. 

I had no plans for the rest of the day other than dropping off some donated dog food at Susan's. While there she got a call from the shop wanting to know why I wasn't at Ferry Farm re-homing a cat. I'll be there in fifteen minutes, I yelled and zoomed off (well, reversed slowly and carefully down the back lane, drove slowly down the narrow cul de sac and observed the speed limit all the rest of the way) in my brand new second hand car (see previous two posts).

I apologised profusely because I'd not only forgotten all about it (though I remembered being in contact with the people) I couldn't remember making the arrangement. They were very graceful about it and took home Hero who they'd visited a couple of times.

I was on my way out when a family (grandmother, mother, and lively seven year old son) arrived with the intention of taking Maggie and Morag, two recently returned young Scottish tabby-white sisters, which hadn't been arranged with me though I knew of their intent. It's only a provisional re-homing (which is why they're still on the main list) to see how they get on with the young boy and he with them. They reckoned they should know in a couple of days.

If that takes, then I'll have re-homed four cats in one day which is the best so far. Heck, that used to be the average for a month! Two more are going out tomorrow (and two coming in) and I have expressions of interest in two others. So far March is proving a good month for cat-rehoming. So far. I'm not one for counting my chickens, though I often count cats.

Here's Maggie and Morag. Let's hope it's the last you see of them.

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