Saturday, 15 March 2014


Even though I don't believe in it, I'd still rather not tempt fate by boasting or even by being just a little too proud but I can't help myself.

Our cat re-homing centre at Ferry Farm Kennels is now not quite a quarter of the way into its second year of operating and.. Well, the first year was okay with us re-homing on average a cat a week. It wasn't bad but hardly wonderful and that amounted to around 52 cats which might otherwise not have found new homes. But this year is far exceeding my expectations; not that I had any to be honest, I take things as they come. But so far this year we have re-homed a total of -and yes I know you've already guessed from the title of this- 29 cats in just two and a half months. At this rate -and here's where the tempting of the fate I don't believe in comes in- we'll exceed last years total by the end of June, if not before. But I'd rather not count my chickens before they're on my dinner plate.

One thing I've learned is that you just never know which cats are going to appeal to people. When I meet people at the centre I've usually got some sense of what they're like and which cats, or cat, might suit them. Sometimes I even get it right. But you just never know.

Take Molly, for example. She's a large nine year old tortoiseshell and the most loving cat you could wish to meet but she's been with us for many many months and at best, she was the second choice. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. (That isn't a sexist phrase these days, is it? I do try and be as politically correct as possible but things can change quickly.) Until today.

A nice couple from Billingham, who were after a young affectionate female (and you don't know how tempted I was to insert a mildly un-pc remark there!) came and paid attention to new arrival Yuna (see list), were quite taken with Tiger, even considered Tilly and Todd who used to live with me, but then met Molly. At the same time, four of our regular cat cuddlers were there and all of them urged the couple to choose Molly and were delighted when they did. She is a lovely natured cat and I just don't know why it's taken so long for her to find a new home other than not being a young cat -which is an important factor with many would-be adoptees.

On the other hand, I took in (to foster) two cats last Friday -eight days ago- and both have been-re homed. I mentioned the first one in my previous post. Floppy, the other one, went yesterday though it was close call.  In the few days he'd been with me he got over his nerves, was fine with the other cats, and was really affectionate with me. A nice young lady from Ryhope (just about a mile from me) read my blog and got in touch with me about him. Typically (for cats who as we all know are awkward contrary sods) when she arrived he hid under the settee. We talked for a while and Emma the black and white kitten and Tilly the young grey cat came into the living room and caught her attention. Just when she was seriously beginning to consider Tilly, Floppy emerged and let himself be stroked. And then he jumped on her knee and settled down. Sold! I knew all the time he'd be right for her.

About an hour later I took in Belle, a nine week old tortoiseshell female, who, only about 15 minutes ago was snuggled up to me on the settee. No doubt she was tired after hours of growling loudly at the other cats as she warned them not mess with her. I don't think she'll be here long and I've already had one enquiry.

So, why the sudden improvement on last year? Well, I do know, though to my shame I haven't looked it up, a lot of activity about cats on Facebook (and my thanks to those who've been doing and to) those who've been spreading by word of mouth. And, okay I am going to blow my own damn trumpet, it can't entirely be coincidence that it coincided with me creating and regularly updating (sometimes even twice a day) the re-homing list.

Thanks also go to Mark, Dawn, and Philip at Ferry Farm, and everyone else who volunteers in whatever capacity at Animal Krackers, plus the support of the committee. 

Below is a list of all the cats re-homed this year and was updated today. And, yes, Hawkeye, Maggie and Morag are listed twice because they've been re-homed twice. You got a problem with that?

Cats Re-homed 2014.

January 2014.
Ollie, 2 yrs, male grey tabby, 2/01/14
Tink (aka Tinkerbelle), male, white and tabby, 18 months, 05/01/14, from my house.
Unnamed female tabby, 3 yrs (?), friendly, 07/01/14
Lucas and Tim - Two male, black kittens 6 months old, re-homed 12/01/14

Morag, female spotty tabby, Maggie, female small tabby, 16 month old sisters, Re-homed 13/01/14
Archie 4 yrs, male grey, very friendly. Re-homed 22/01/14

Willow, female, 3 yrs, tortoiseshell, friendly and talkative. Re-homed 22/01/14
Wendy, 2yrs, female, fluffy tabby, arrived mid-December. Re-homed 25/01/14
Blue, 15 wk old grey/white kitten, lively, affectionate, playful, arrived my house 24/01/14. Re-homed 28/01/14
January total: 11

February 2014
Ginger 1 and Ginger 2, 8 month old brothers, arrived 14/02/14, re-homed 14/02/14
Rusty, four and a half months old, black, male, very friendly, arrived 10/02/14, re-homed 16/02/14
Tigger, ginger male, young but exact age uncertain, likes cuddles and sitting on knees, arrived 26/01/14, re-homed 16/02/14
Poppy, female, grey tabby, around 18 months old, very friendly, good with kids . Arrived 23/01/14, re-homed 23/02/14
Maisie, about 2 years old, female tortoiseshell, a very nice cat. Arrived 21/02/14, re-homed 26/02/14
February total: 6

March 2014

Matilda, 5-ish, female, three-colour longhair, loves cuddles and kids, needs regular grooming. Re-homed 01/03/14.
Tut, 5 yrs, male, ginger tabby, nice but needs an experienced owner with no children or other animals. Re-homed 02/03/14
Victoria,  b/w, 14 months, arrived 14/01/14. Re-homed 07/03/14.
Tink, ginger male, 4 yrs, arrived 07/03/14, re-homed 10/03/14.
Hero, male, two and a half, b/w arrived 03/01/14, re-homed 10/03/14.
Morag, female spotty tabby, Maggie, female small tabby, 16 month old sisters, very friendly.  Arrived 08/03/14, re-homed 11/03/14
Miranda, tortoiseshell, 8 months, arrived 14/02/14.  Re-homed 11/03/14
Shappi, black, 8 months, arrived 14/02/14.  Re-homed 11/03/14
Jenny, 14 months, very friendly, used to kids. Arrived 14/02/14. Re-homed 14/03/14.
Floppy, a recently neutered three and a half year old male. Arrived 08/03/14. re-homed 14/03/14
Molly, 9 yrs, female, large tortoiseshell, loves cuddles. Re-homed 15/03/14
March total to date: 12


Anonymous said...

Overjoyed to see molly finally get the loving home she deserves yesterday :) keep us informed on how she's settling in!
-Dani, cat cuddler :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, pleased to report that Molly has settled in very well in her new home. We let her out into the garden for the first time today and she was delighted to be out, as you can imagine. She spends every moment she can on my knee getting cuddles and is the most wonderful addition to the family. Thank you to all of you for looking after her so well until she found her forever home. Marie from Billingham