Friday, 7 March 2014


I made three acquisitions today and here are photos of them.

Tackling them in reverse order-

Susan initially wasn't keen on my intended vehicular purchase (see previous post) but when she came with me to actually look at it she was won over. My funds were all in place by today so off I went and, after a test drive, completed the purchase. I've decided to affectionately call it The Catmobile. Yes, that is a pretty crappy twee corny name for it. How about The Feline Flyer then? Catcatcher?  Or how about some of you coming up with a good name and letting me know? My Car seems rather mundane somehow.

The honour of being the first cat to ride in it went to Tink. As regular readers may remember, I usually go swimming about three-four times a week at the local sports centre. One of the regulars I chat to is an oldish guy who I helped a few years ago with his cat. A couple of days ago he told me of a nice friendly cat that had been thrown out of the house by its owner because she'd got a kitten for her daughter. I said I'd check it out and probably take it in. It's difficult to exchange details when you're standing in water and just wearing swimming trunks but today I remembered I had my Animal Krackers card in my wallet which I slid in his locker on my way out.

I got a call at lunchtime and agreed to go get it. (Here's another photo).
He is a handsome boy, isn't he?

However, things weren't quiet that simple. The day before I'd received a call from the local branch of Pets At Home asking if I could take in a stray that they'd found. My initial response was no because I'd already agreed to take Tink and keep him in the conservatory. But then I had a think. Pets At Home have been very very supportive of us -they paid most of the cost of the new van for example- so I thought what the hell, the two would have to go in together. I got in the van and drove round to get the cat. They also had a cheque for £150 for us and a binful of cat and dog food. I took the cat straight to the vets where Wendy declared it an unneutered male around three and a half years old. She agreed to keep him overnight and neuter him today.

I decided to call him Floppy because, if you look carefully, one of his ears partly flops over.

To cut a short story shorter, I picked up Tink, Holly the vet declared him a nice neutered male about four years old, and I brought them home in Catcar the First.

Floppy who, having had an operation to remove his dibbles, was very hungry and munched through a bowl of dried food before demolishing a sachet of moist. Tink, so far, is keeping out his was by sitting on the windowsill. Floppy appears to be standing guard over the now refilled bowl of dried munchies.

Okay, that's yer lot. Time to go do a homecheck.

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