Tuesday, 3 September 2013


1. Worms.

No, this isn't a review of the old the computer game (which I used to have) but then you wouldn't have expected it to be. It is a sequel to the previous post which should have been called, if I'd been honest, POO.

Don't worry, there are no photographs, not of worms (or poo) anyway.

Last week I almost homed the Tabby Twins but alas it fell through. Then I got a call from a lady who lived locally and wanted a kitten. I thought Tiny (the last of Aoife's not-litter) might be suitable and invited her to call in and she did indeed like her. Arrangements were made and I took Tiny over. Next morning I got a call. Tiny had done a very loose poo (I can't spell diarrhea) and not in the litter tray. It might be a different diet -Whiskas instead of Felix- and a different cat litter -gravel instead of wood chippings. I brought both round. I also gave her a de-worming pill. Later that day, more loose poo and almost in the tray. The lady's cat had done a runner and was refusing to come in. The smell was more than the lady was used to. (Doesn't bother me as I have it all hours of the day and night. I spend almost more energy cleaning up poo than I do when I go swimming.) So Tiny came home.

And a couple of hours later she did another poo -in the litter tray and with dead worms in it. That was it. I wormed the Tabby Twins and the larger of the two young kittens. Next morning, three lots of poo with worms in them. I've since wormed every other cat and last kitten earlier this afternoon and am awaiting the smelly results.

Incidentally, getting cats and kittens to swallow pills is no easy matter and is distressing and painful to cat, kitten, and human being. Very few take the attitude of, "Oh, you want me to swallow this thing. Okay boss, no probs." It's more a case of, "Help he's ramming this thing down my throat! He's trying to poison me! It tastes horrible! I'm going to vomit!" Accompanied by much squirming, wriggling and active use of teeth and claws.

To lighten the mood, here are two kitten photos. No poo guaranteed.

2. Abandoned Kittens.

A story about Animal Krackers was on page 3 of the Sunderland Echo last week, plus an editorial comment. It was followed up by Sky who did a video piece on their local Sky News webpage; here's the link-

Basically a refuse worker at the council tip found two day-old kittens in a box. We were contacted and a fosterer, Lynn, took them in. She'll be nursing them and hand-feeding them for the next few weeks as she did the kittens in the last photo below.  

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Sorry the adoption fell through but at least you found the source of the problem. Hope the babies are all feeling better soon!

PS: I know all about the nightmare that pilling is :))