Sunday, 25 August 2013


(Warning: poo is mentioned several times in the next paragraph.)

First post for two weeks. Not that I haven't been busy. The first thing I do when I get up is clean up cat and kitten poo, then I feed the cats and kittens, eat my my breakfast  and by the time I've done that there's usually some more smelly kitten poo to clean up. Adult cats aren't so bad; they go once, maybe twice a day. Kittens seem to go all the time and when you've got five that's an awful lot of smelly poo and not all of it goes in the litter trays. I love these kittens but if three of them aren't re-homed in the next three weeks then they're off to the re-homing centre. Here are two of them.

Yes, it's Tam and Tom the Fabulous Tabby Twins (one of whom just jumped on the keyboard and deleted the phrase as I was highlighting it) and possibly the most adorable kittens you've ever met in your life. Okay, they're just bog standard tabbies but they are bog standard tabbies who love curling up on my knee together, who'll climb up my legs when I'm typing, play happily with the other kittens, sleep next to me, play with children, like the 7-year old daughter of Martyn the other van driver, purr loudly and love company. Leave me alone, you little monsters, I'm busy!

Re-homed two cats in the last two days at the re-homing centre. Alfie the shy pretty grey tabby and Princess the soft furred black and white who loves people, children and other animals.

And, of course, two more have arrived. This time it's two black kittens, the last of those which were kept in the shop. Both are quite shy but then their mother(s) were feral.

I've also heard from some of the nice people who've taken in some of our cats and kittens.

This is the grey and white kitten now called Tammy (or Brian, depending on who you asksleeping with her two new older friends.

Below is Bombino, now Arthur, sleeping next to his new best friend and it isn't a cat!


Norris and Jimmy happily share the same house but aren't friends and have their own spaces.


It's always nice to hear how our re-homed animals are doing, especially when their kind owners send photos as well so thanks to everyone who took those above.

Hopefully another cat, who was reserved weeks ago while her prospective owners went on their holidays, will be collected tomorrow. That will make three in three days. If only it was one every day all the time, but hell, I'd be really happy if it was just two a week -one is the current average. 

You'll have to excuse me as I've now got to clean up more smelly stinky messy kitten poo!

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Yes I remember all too well the enormous amount of work that went into caring for kittens - and yes they do poo ALOT!!!

Congrats on recent adoptions and hopefully the black kitties can find their forever homes soon.