Thursday, 5 September 2013


"Prepare to die slowly and in great agony, puny humans, at the Seven Magical Claws of Tyrannipuss, Demon Cat from Beyond Infinity!"

* Of course there is nothing beyond infinity, but then while Tyrannipuss is powerful and fearsome he is not the brightest Demon Cat in the universe.

This was demonstrated when Wuffles the Wonder Dog, Protector of the Planet Earth, who, after recovering from injuries inflicted by Tyrannipuss's radioactive power-propelled poo pellets, laid a trap consisting of vast quantities of fresh chicken breasts cooked by Wuffles the Wonder Dog's own microwave breath which he had placed in a titanium cat cage. Once Tyrannipuss had been trapped in the cage, Wuffles dropped it into the deepest part of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Alas, brave Wuffles the Wonder Dog might just have made a mistake as this was the last known location of Space Godzilla following his defeat at the claws and radioactive breath of mighty Godzilla himself.

The world waits anxiously for developments. Wuffles the Wonder Dog, meanwhile, is chilling out by a hotel pool in Acapulco and drinking from large bowls of margheritas.

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