Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Whatever, just get to the point.

So it's Wednesday morning when I go to Starbucks for an Americano Grande with hot milk to drink in please, thank you. To have coffee with my retired friends from work who are both cat lovers and don't complain that I'm boring them to death talking about cats. I was halfway there (and halfway from the bus station, which is logical I suppose given that was my walking starting point) when Susan rings to ask if I can take in a single kitten. Just one. Four weeks old. Oh ***!@@@!!! (That's rude words in gibberish.) But what the hell. I told her to give me the address later.

Much later and numerous calls before I got an answer I finally get the address and phone number. I rang the person to say I'd be half an hour later than the agreed time. I was told the kitten was about 9 weeks. The location was Murton, a place I'd only driven through. Frankly it's a place most people only drive through. (Just a joke, dear readers from Murton, sorry.) But, armed with my trusty A-Z and with only one relatively minor detour I found the place twenty minutes after setting off. The kitten, of course, was nowhere near nine weeks old. More like six months, five at the youngest and is either female or a recently neutered male, probably the former.

She's now in my conservatory, sitting on the windowsill, staring at either me or one of the cats. She's very friendly, likes being stroked, purrs easily. I'm taking her to the vets tomorrow to get her first cat flu vaccination and generally checked out. You can check her out first below.

Mitzy is a new arrival at our re-homing centre. She's a youngish friendly and  pretty cat who came with veterinary documentation and a letter to her new owner. I doubt if she'll be there for long. The photos were taken with my phone which explains the poor quality.

Post Script.

Poo update.

I took the kittens and two poo samples to the vets. Their condition was declared fine and the poo samples sent off for testing.

Yesterday I had the rest of my downstairs floors laminated which makes it so much easier to clean up the loose poo and the smell doesn't linger either. That still leaves my bedroom which is becoming a favourite location for everyone except Fifi. 

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Your new kitty friend is SO CUTE! as is the little girl waiting for her home. I'm sure both will have forever homes before you know it - fingers crossed!!