Friday, 6 September 2013


Yes, the Tabby Twins have been re-homed -separately. I'm glad and I'm sad and I'm sure regular readers know why. If you aren't one of them, skim through recent posts.

The first went yesterday. A family came all the way from Washington on public transport to see the kittens which said a lot to me. One of the tabbies made it clear she liked them so I gave them a lift home and left the kitten with a lively family and a friendly shih-tsu. I've been sent photos already. Apart from an initial wariness over the dog, she seems fine.

Tabby 2 has gone to a nice young woman with a good pedigree. Her partner's parents are Animal Krackers volunteers and I know her mother from my library days. No photos yet but he's only been gone less than two hours. He'll be living with a four year old female which I hope takes to him.

Sniff, sniff. (That was me shedding a tear.)

Only 3 little monsters to go including Tyrannipuss.

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