Monday, 5 August 2013


Friday morning and I get a phone call from Shiremoor vets (north of Newcastle in case you were wondering, me I thought it was somewhere in Durham) asking if I could take in four kittens which had been found dumped in a box nearby. My first instinct was to say no as they couldn't go to the re-homing centre (not vaccinated and too young anyway) and all our fosterers had more than they could cope with anyway. But then I thought that the kittens I was looking after were spending more and more time in the living room so I could always put the new ones in the conservatory and keep the others out of it. So I agreed to take them as long as Shiremoor treated them for fleas. One of the nursing staff doesn't live far from me so she'd bring them on her way home.

Late that afternoon and I got another call to say that they were infested with fleas and were being kept in over the weekend. Oh, and a staff member was going to adopt to adopt one so that left three.

Four o'clock on this Monday afternoon and I got a call to say another one had been taken home by a member of staff so that left only two. Fine.

Everything was ready. I'd vaccuumed and de-flead the conservatory, washed various bits of bedding, bought extra kitten food, two feeding bowls and two litter trays.

They duly arrived just before five. (I'll pass over the fact that they'd whoopsied in their basket.) I turfed my kittens out of the conservatory and the two new ones settle in while I chatted to the young lady who'd brought them through, emphasising how safe they'd be with me. Mother Aoife and her kittens all crowded in front of the conservatory door. I pushed them out of the way and began to get to know my new temporary residents.

First impressions are very good. They aren't frightened of people or other cats and were just as interested in their new housemates as they were in them. I could pick them up easily. One I put on my knee and it wasn't long before he (they're both boys about 8-9 weeks old) settled down on and purred. The other was more lively and interested in his surroundings.I was told they're quite close so I'll try and re-home them as a pair.

Okay, I know you're dying to see pictures of them so here they are.

They are a little difficult to tell apart but the photos 1 & 2  and 3 & 4 are different.

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Oh my word how cute are they!!! So glad you were able to take them in and fingers crossed they can be adopted together and quickly!!